We are one of 25 projects funded by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) six-year Resilience Innovation Programme.

This funding means we get to work with the local community to reduce flood risk from the Pix Brook and improve water quality. Our approach is to do this by using innovative new technologies.

Urban rivers and streams are an invaluable resource for local communities. They give thousands of people access to nature, which is essential for wellbeing. As urban areas have grown the health of some watercourses has weakened. The Pix Brook has been affected by urban growth and is at increased flood risk from rapid storm runoff, as well as from pollution and a reduction in habitat.

Without a collaborative effort to enhance the area the Pix Brook will decline. This would be damaging to our wildlife habitats and local communities. ResilienTogether is addressing this by creating a ‘smart catchment’ to reduce flood risk, enhance the water environment and improve community resilience.

To create the smart catchment, we are installing monitoring stations along the Pix Brook. This will help us understand the impacts of extreme weather on water flows and water quality. We’ll share this data and use it to forecast potential flooding.

This information will make us all more resilient to the challenges climate change brings. Working together we will help communities adapt, respond and recover from flooding incidents.

We will also test innovative ways of slowing down the flow of water into the Pix Brook. We will install and monitor Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS). We’ll also introduce Natural Flood Management (NFM) and automated flow controls to slow the flow.

Local communities are at the heart of ResilienTogether. By working together, we hope communities will be informed, aware and more resilient to climate change.

We will identify local needs, provide education and create opportunities for everyone to get involved. 

By sharing ideas and solutions, together we will create a stronger, more resilient community now and in the future.


Rounded Culvert and Trash Screen, Pix Brook

Our values

The ResilienTogether approach to managing our water environment follows these values:


Working together with the community and with partners to ensure the needs and interests of everyone lie at the heart of ResilienTogether.


By trialling new technologies and building a smart catchment we’re paving the way for others.


We want to be transparent and make sure the information and data we collect is shared with the public and partners.


ResilienTogether is all about sharing what we learn with others to enhance resilience and drive innovation in water management.