Who we are, and why we're ResilienTogether

We have identified six key areas which are all critical to the success of the project. We call these ‘work packages’ and each one connects to the others.

Community Resilience

Community resilience is ‘the ability of a community to be able to absorb and recover from a shock or harm’. This helps communities respond to and recover from local issues, like flooding.

River Monitoring

Understanding the height and speed of a river tells us if flooding might happen. River flow monitoring records the amount of water flowing through a river over time which gives us an accurate indication of possible flooding.

Monitoring equipment attached to a wall

Slow the Flow

We will influence how water from the Pix Brook catchment flows into the watercourse. There are different ways to do this and we’ll be using a variety of techniques to slow the flow of the river.

Water Quality

We use different methods to tell us how clean or polluted the river is and what species are in the water. We also monitor the effects of different land management practices such as the Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems SuDs and the introduction of Natural Flood Management (NFM).

Sharing, Learning and Innovation

Our team is committed to sharing the knowledge that we have and finding new and improved ways of doing things is vital to our continued success. 

Live Modelling

Our monitoring stations along the Pix Brook help us understand the impacts of extreme weather on water flows and water quality.

The river running between a ploughed field and grassland