Learn more about this ancient watercourse and the land around it

Pix Brook is a chalk river, one of only 200 in the world. This makes it as rare as the coral reefs and the rainforests. Its nutrient rich waters are an important habitat for fish, insects, plants and wildlife, which in turn enrich the environment around them. Find out more about this river that wends its way through our county, its history, its benefits and its challenges.

The History of Pix Brook

Pix Brook is a tributary of the River Ivel and has a 16km square catchment that is both arable and urban. It flows through the urban areas of Letchworth Garden City, Stotfold and Arlesey. 


The urban nature of the Pix Brook catchment makes it responsive to heavy rainfall events. The surface water drainage network discharges large volumes of water into Pix Brook, resulting in the brook overtopping its banks and inundating the surrounding floodplain. 

The river through verdant undergrowth

Smart Catchments

Smart catchments are a new way of managing water. Pioneering technology collects, analyses and uses data to improve decision-making. This helps reduce flood risk, improve water quality, and better manage water resources.