There are different ways to do this and we will be using a variety of techniques to slow the flow.

One way is to install smart and traditional Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). These are designed to manage rainwater in urban areas to slow flows by mimicking the way water naturally drains into the ground.

Natural flood management (NFM) and flow controls is another way to slow down the flow of water. This uses natural features in rural areas, such as leaky dams, to slow flows. This method also provides benefits for the water quality and wildlife.

We’ll monitor the river closely to see how our interventions slow the flow of the water and influence water quality.

A combination of technical experts and our river volunteers will create a monitoring network to look at the flow patterns of the Pix Brook. This network will improve our knowledge around the influence of extreme weather and local flows on the catchment.

All of this information will be shared and used to forecast potential flooding, helping to create a more resilient community.