Our partnership working with schools in Stotfold, Arlesey, Fairfield and Letchworth will ensure community resilience builds and thrives.

We will collaborate on innovative ways of learning inside and outside the classroom, and every age group will have the chance to learn something new about their local environment and get involved with lots of exciting opportunities.

Standalone Farm is our dedicated education hub partner where events and school visits are planned to get the community fully involved in our work to improve the Pix Brook.

We will encourage children to use their creativity and express how they feel about nature and water. We’ll use arts and crafts, natural resources and water to make learning fun and memorable. We’ll be doing this on site, in classrooms and at Standalone Farm.

Rivercraft is a Minecraft game, created by the Environment Agency, to inspire young environmental champions. It uses artificial intelligence to create an interactive map to encourage engagement with flooding, climate change and native species in and around the Pix. ResilienTogether and the Environment Agency will tailor sessions for middle and secondary school aged students. They’ll have the opportunity to work in groups, explore the Rivercraft world and implement flood management strategies. The students can also learn about the different roles they could consider in the future by learning more about people who currently work in the Environment Agency.

You can find out lots more at Rivercraft: Minecraft game inspires young environmental champions

In the future we’ll be taking samples from the river to give children a chance to engage with the Pix. They’ll have a chance to learn about lots of different topics. This will start with understanding the health and safety requirements when working near water to ensure that everyone is safe. They will also learn to identify parts of the river and measure velocity and water flow. All this work is planned to meet national curriculum requirements and will help students with their studies.

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