Did you see our ‘Rockin Around the Eco Christmas Tree’?

From Friday 8th to Monday 11th December, Stotfold Parish Church held a Christmas tree festival. The festival is an annual tradition whereby anyone from the community (including schools, community groups or budding individuals), to provide, design and decorate their own Christmas tree.

All the trees were on display in the Parish Church, which is located just outside of the Pix Brook catchment but is at the heart of the local community of which many Pix Brook residents are active members of.

Our chosen theme for this year’s was an eco-friendly tree and all the decorations were either handmade or made of reusable/recycled materials, including some ResilienTogether paper chains. ResilienTogether bought a Nordmann fir potted 4ft tree (the only real tree in the festival out of 45 trees) and is now being looked after and replanted by Katie and Sharon, ready to be used next year!

To view the rest of the trees displayed at the festival, and what else the Parish Church have been up to for Christmas, they have created their own video on their Facebook page.

''It's important to keep building relationships between community and local authority to help strengthen resilience against flood risk''

Katie Searles, Flood Liaison Officer