Did you see our stall at the Fairfield Apple Day Event?

Our beanbag and bucket ‘What do we want to see in the Pix?’ game was a popular choice with everyone!

Can garden waste be dumped in watercourses?

It is common knowledge that plastic bags, shopping trolleys and litter is not welcome in our rivers, but what about garden waste? Despite being organic and compostable, garden waste unfortunately can block the flow of water in rivers.

Become a volunteer river warden!

Are you able to undertake a monthly walk along your allocated section of watercourse, recording and reporting what you see?

We are looking for people who will keep a regular eye out on a local stretch of waterway, noticing changes and spotting issues. A reporting and support system allows any issues you find to be dealt with promptly by the relevant people.

Find out more how you can be a river warden!