Our case studies highlight learning and innovations from ResilienTogether. They share new approaches and techniques that can be replicated by other schemes and organisations across the country. They also demonstrate how practical innovative actions can work to improve resilience to flooding,

ResilienTogether is working to connect the public and stakeholders with the Pix Brook and their local environment. Drone footage offers a new and exciting
way to view the Pix Brook, a view that locals don’t often get to see.

Read more and share how we use the drone flyover, its benefits and why this innovation is important:  Drone Flyover Innovation Case Study

ResilienTogether is creating a Smart Catchment, through use of innovative technologies and techniques, to reduce flood risk to people and places, enhance the water environment in the Pix Brook catchment and improve community resilience in the face of climate change.

This case study relates to WP4 Communications & Engagement, which aims to build community resilience through novel engagement approaches. Use of drones is one of these approaches with videos and stills they produce being used online and in engagement events. Find out more about the benefits of drone flyovers and how TerraDat filmed this innovative solution.

Drone Flyover Innovation Case Study

"It is increasingly challenging to be innovative or creative in ways that gain that wow factor and stand out from the crowd. We try to get intimately acquainted with the feel and story of a site and allow our footage to communicate this to people who are unfamiliar with the location"

Nick Russill , Director and Founder of TerraDat